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Book a free no obligation intro lesson from the comfort of your own home. We have gone completely online now and it's great fun as well as a really cool way to learn. 

Are you tired of struggling to learn guitar in the Maidstone area and not getting anywhere fast? 

I meet many players who are trying to learn, and end up frustrated because they are not seeing the results they want.

If you have tried learning guitar in any of the following ways you may know what I mean?

1. Learning from an an inadequate or inefficient teacher

2. Trying to learn from Youtube videos

3. Learning from books

4. Trying to self teach yourself or pick up tips from friends.









Would you like to stop struggling and make rapid progress with you guitar playing? 

Hi my name is Joe Bailey and this is my guitar School Kent guitar School bases in Maidstone in Kent. I want to help you dramatically improve your playing and make improvement from the very first lesson. I have helped many guitar players both beginner and experienced  get to the next level. Take a look at our testimonials page and see how I have helped many satisfied guitar players meet their goals. I am a full time professional teacher 100% committed to helping you achieve your dream of playing guitar, whatever that may look like to you. If you are looking for a guitar tutor in Maidstone then get in touch today to see how I can help you. 


Don't be fooled by Youtube, there is a lot of good lessons on there but that doesn't mean it's going to make you the guitar player you want to be. How can you tell if the information is good? or in the right order for you? When we work together you will receive a customised plan based on your needs and interests plus you will have constant feedback every lesson guiding you through the process at every stage. 

You might have thought it a good Idea to work out of a tutor book. The problem with this is firstly that these books are taught in a very linear way not in a geometric way which you will learn more about when you start with us. Also again you have no one to gain advice or motivation from. Working with us you will have all the resources you need and all the real world guidance that you could want. 

Just because your friend plays guitar does not mean that they should! don't pickup bad advice and habits from people who are not expert teachers. Nor is the trial and error approach a good one either. Cut out years of frustration and work with teachers that can get you the results you are looking for. 













Get expert help with your guitar playing so you can progress quickly

What I aim to provide you with is both a big shortcut to improving on the guitar and to make things as simple and clear as possible. If you have the desire and commitment to learn then we want o hear from you. I take each student on as an individual, not the usual cookie cutter approach that other lessons use. Whatever you know, or don't know I will be able to asses you and create a plan that takes into account all of this so you don't waste any time takeing the next step you need. 

Lean what, how and what order to practice things on guitar
It can be confusing to know if you are leaning the right information and the right way to use it. When we work together you cut this frustration out completely because we have years of experience teaching people just like you. Not only this but you will learn what you need to learn at the right time for you. This way you dont waste time learning thigs that aren't going to be useful 

Get in touch today to see how we can help you

If you are looking for a guitar tutor in Maidstone then please go ahead and phone me directly on 07956 862841 or fill out an inquiry form to book your free trial lesson. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your guitar playing!

Nathan Smart Testimonial

"My name's Nathan and I have been learning guitar at KGS and I was pretty much a complete beginner when I started. I always feel as if the lessons were tailored to my ability. Joe will pick up on any bad habits also and help correct them as early as possible.

Aside from improving playing generally there has also been focus on improving weaker areas and not just playing to your individual strengths. I would say the lessons help with your playing confidence by playing songs and having jam sessions outside of the lessons.

I have seen a definite improvement in playing and reading music. As long as you invest the time and put in practice you'll improve no end. Practice really is the key and Joe will structure your learning and help erase bad habits.

I would definitely recommend lessons with KGS. You can take lessons with anyone who is competent at playing the guitar but you have to consider how good is that person in actually teaching and conveying that knowledge in order to help you improve. You may go for cheaper guitar lessons but it may cost you a lot more in the long run. Why not meet with the school and take a lesson to see if it is for you? I would be very surprised if you had any reservations after doing that".

If you are at the point where you know you need some help then I invite you to get in touch. Send me an enquiry here or give me a ring I can find out how I may be able to help. We offer a 4 week trial period to give you a chance to try out lessons with me and for me to properly assess you. During our lessons I will be giving you specific things to work on for your own needs and you will learn how to practice each piece after every lesson. 

If that sounds good then be sure to get in touch today and I look forward to hearing from you!

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